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Samhain by galIows Samhain :icongaliows:galIows 4 2 TIME 4 SPOOKS by galIows TIME 4 SPOOKS :icongaliows:galIows 1 0 Dizzy And Pigrim by quqqy Dizzy And Pigrim :iconquqqy:quqqy 69 2 SKREEEEEE PERFECTING THE NEW HOME CAWWW by waluigi-vapes SKREEEEEE PERFECTING THE NEW HOME CAWWW :iconwaluigi-vapes:waluigi-vapes 3 1




[x] You like to walk in forests
[ ] You fear birds
[ ] You are small
[x] You like prism colors
[ ] You try your best every time
[ ] There is nothing worse than giving up
[ ] You are true to your religion
[x] You like to draw

total: 3


[x] You are a night person
[ ] Black is the only way to go
[ ] You like horror movies
[/] Only your opinion matters
[/] You are a pessimist
[ ] You are an emo
[ ] You often see nightmares
[ ] You are an atheist

total: 2.5


[  ] You are greedy 
[  ] Your favorite metal is gold
[x] You love money
[/] You are strong
[/] You are selfish
[  ] You have a good sense of hearing
[x] You are arrogant
[ ] You are smart but you hide it (hide it???)

total: 3


[x] You like to watch thunderstorms
[ ] You want to be friends with everybody
[/] People usually find you as an aggressive person
[x] You like games 
[ ] You like coffee and energy drinks
[x] You love running
[ ] Your favorite color is yellow
[/] You believe in people

total: 4


[/] You are kind 
[ ] You are a family person
[x] You like fantasies
[x] You believe in happy endings
[x] You love candy
[ ] You are a day person
[x] You love all the seasons
[ ] You like jewelry

total: 4.5


[/] You get easily into fights
[ ] You are hardworking
[ ] You need someone to tell you what to do
[ ] You are very competitive
[ ] You don't dream at all
[ ] You are athletic
[ ] You have no musical skills
[ ] You are a good cook

total: 0.5


[x] You are a spicy nature 
[x] You don't like taking orders
[ ] Your favorite color is red
[ ] You hate to lose
[x] You are full of passion
[ ] Your element is fire
[x] You like to party
[ ] You like to stare in fire

total: 4


[ ] You dream about flying
[x] You like birds
[x] You watch clouds
[x] You have many friends
[x] You have a good sense of seeing
[/] Your element is air
[x] You have pets
[/] You don't like guns

total: 7


[/] People always forget you 
[x] You feel like nothing
[x] You feel good when you are alone
[x] You like to prank people
[/] You cry a lot (one time I cried a little bit because I found a baby lizard in the bathroom and wondered if it even knew how to get outside or if it was scared and confused and I couldn't help it because it kept running away from me...)
[x] You like libraries
[x] You tell a lot of white lies
[/] You usually take the easy road

total: 6.5


[ ] Your favorite color is green
[/] You like to take it easy
[x] You have a huge family
[ ] You like to live in countryside
[/] You love fruits
[/] You would save animals rather than humans
[ ] You are a hippie
[x] You hold many secrets

total: 3.5


[/] You can do anything all by yourself
[x] People don't understand your way of thinking
[x] You love meat
[ ] You rarely cry
[ ] Your element is ground
[ ] You don't fear war
[x] You never turn your back to a friend in need
[ ] You are a good listener

total: 3.5


[x] You like winter
[x] You hate hot days
[/] You think that you are important
[ ] Others find you beautiful 
[ ] You are a fashionista
[ ] You wish to be a model
[x] You trust only yourself
[/] People respect you

total: 4


[ ] You are an optimist
[/] You don't have any special skills
[ ] You don't judge others
[/] You can be trusted
[x] You are friendly
[ ] You are chubby
[/] You like all the colors
[/] You wish no harm to any one

total: 2.5


[ ] You have a bad sense of smell
[/] You are clumsy
[x] You feel horrible when its Monday
[x] People find you weird
[ ] You don't like water
[ ] Your stress level is low
[x] You like kids shows
[ ] You love dark colors

total: 3.5


[x] You feel like you are special
[x] Your favorite color is purple
[x] You have an unusual skill
[/] You like to read
[x] You like silence 
[x] You are smart 
[/] You eagerly wait what future holds
[/] You fear failure

total: 6.5


[x] You prefer to be alone
[ ] You don't break easily
[ ] You are a cold person
[x] You like to stay at home
[ ] You would like to live in Egypt
[/] You wish you could be somebody else 
[/] People underestimate you
[ ] You are a perfectionist

total: 3


[x] You like technology
[ ] You get easily sick
[ ] You like to live in a city
[x] You don't like to talk about your feelings
[x] You like metal materials
[ ] You are lucky
[x] You are interested about science
[/] You love Sci-fi movies

total: 4.5


[x] You love to swim 
[x] You love the ocean
[x] You like rainy days
[ ] Your favorite color is blue
[x] You like to listen music
[x] You are outgoing
[/] Your element is water
[ ] Your favorite day of the week is Friday

Total: 5.5

Typing: water/ghost, cool man i can relate
Good Name For This Guy?
I redrew the design, and I think it looks a lot better now. I don't really know what I was doing with the pose, but I guess it turned out ok. Also, does anyone have any good name ideas for this guy? I'd appreciate it if you gave a suggestion. Thanks!
An old design I found and decided to finish. Idk what I'm going to do with it though.
Worst drawing on DA
galIows   barthalomeu x skelesin otp

(if you aren't Galiows I'm so sorry, please just forget you saw this)


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